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School Workshop Programme Spring 2013

The theme for 2013 workshop in schools programme is W.B. Yeats Poetry, and how his work has inspired many Sligo based artists i.e. Wayne O Connor illustrations, Annie West Illustrations, Norah McGuinness Illustrations the: ‘Stories of Red Hanrahan’ which can be view in The Model 28th March – 19th May 2013

Download: The Stories of Red Hanrahan – An Education Resource Pack for Primary schools

Artists Karen Webster & Sherrie Scott

In Workshop 1, we looked at local illustrators and introduced the Kids to Watercolour paints and Fiber tipped pens to Illustrate a line from their favorite Yeats Poem.
These materials enabled the kids to draw lots of detail and mix the colours on the page with water to get unusual effects.

In workshop 2, we used fabric as a medium to create individual fabric stories relating to the words of Yeats .By cutting out blocks of colour and using the iron to bond the fabrics together illustrations were created in a new way.

A beautiful book was created in each school, full of watercolour and fabric illustrations.

Artists Andy Parsons & Naomi Draper

We explored the idea of responding to a text visual by using a combination of old and new techniques.

In the first session, after discussing a selection of Yeats poems, we did some preparatory drawings where figure and ground are delineated separately. The drawings of characters and settings were then transferred to simple relief prints.

In the second session we used the figures and the backgrounds to create a series of short stop motion animations.

Click on the images below to view a selection of the work created during these workshops;