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School Workshops 2018

Schools that took part in the Primary Colours tours and outreach school workshops October –November 2018

  • St Aidan’s National School, 3rd – 6th class
  • St Josephs National School, 3rd – 6th class
  • Sligo School Project 3rd – 6th class
  • St Edward’s National School, 4th & 5th class
  • Our Lady of Mercy, 5th class
  • Scoil Chroi Naofa, 4th – 6th class
  • Leaffoney National School, 3rd – 6th class
  • Molaise Grange National School, 3rd class

Student Feedback

It was fun and exciting.

It was funny and it turned out how I liked it.

There are a lot of different styles, it takes time -it doesn’t happen straight away

I learned about new artists and the process of making art

I learned that art can be about many different things like shapes, lines and many more.

Art can be hard, art can be fun, art can be fun, art can be fun!

Your expression comes out in your art

I discovered that it’s fun to create art especially seeing my brother’s creations

I’ve discovered that you will fail in art and failing means you get better

I discovered that everybody has a different point of view about art…