Hands Exhibition

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Hands Exhibition

A Primary Colours Autumn Exhibition in Association with Craftfest Northwest 2012

An exhibition of carnival art work from the Workhouse Art Studios and voice recordings from the ‘Irish Life and Lore Series’ Sligo Heritage Collection. View a selection of images from the Hands Exhibition below. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a Workshop Pack to download for national school children.


Hands Workshop Pack 2012

This Workshop Pack is designed for National Schools and is based on the ‘Hands’ Exhibition. ‘Hands’ a Primary Colours Autumn exhibition in association with the Hawk’s Well Theatre and Craftfest Northwest 2012.The ‘Hands’ Workshop Pack is designed by Artist Sherrie Scott.

The workshop pack is designed to support teachers in delivering a creative arts programme with their class, based around the ‘Hands’ Exhibition.

The theme of the workshops is based on craft. We hope it will be enjoyable and stimulating for both the teachers to deliver and for the children to participate in, while developing their visual art skills and their appreciation of art.

It is linked to the strands of the Visual Arts Curriculum and meets its themes in many ways including ….

  • Fostering sensitivity towards, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and crafts.
  • Helping children to develop sensitivity to the visual and craft world
  • Helping children express ideas, feelings and experiences in visual and tactile forms.
  • It will also practically help the teachers explore the areas such as collage, paint , colour, craft and design whilst developing the children’s ability to talk about art..

The media chosen for this workshop aims to allow for the children to experiment and express their individual creativity.

The pack contains the following

  • Step by step lesson plan for one craft workshop..
  • Lists of materials needed
  • Questions for teachers to ask students before during and after the workshop.