Schools Project

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Schools Project

Carraroe National School & Scoil Náisiúnta Molaise Grange, Co Sligo

Artists Karen Webster & Sherrie Scott

Where we started from…
We took these two images as a starting point to inspire the work the children were going to make
We chose these because of the contrast of natural and manmade images, lines and patterns and the opportunity they presented to explore impression and construction techniques. We also wanted to look at the idea of where artists draw their inspiration; often from nature. Throughout the three workshops there was an emphasis on taking something you see to inspire you to make something different… abstracting it.
What we did…
Impressions into clay using natural found objects, concentrating on texture, repeating patterns and composition.
Prints from these
3D construction using natural materials
3D posters using manmade materials using the natural 3D sculptures for inspiration
As well as the images from the exhibition we looked at the work of artists Andy Goldsworthy and Nick Cave.
What we thought…
We felt like the kids had gone on a journey… beginning with looking at the artists work in the exhibition and ending up with looking at each other’s finished pieces and being joyful, enthusiastic and confident enough to say ‘what they saw.’

Ballisodare National School & Collooney National School

Artists Andy Parsons & Naomi Draper

We have developed a project that combines two of the main themes touched on the “What do you see?” exhibition; namely the texture and feel of paint, and the use of nature as a subject matter and inspiration.

Week 1
In the first week of the project we asked the children to try painting using a strip of card rather than more conventional tools like paint brushes. Each student made at least two paintings and then the whole group collaborated on a 20 ft by 6ft scroll painting.

Week 2
In the second week we brought in the second of our two themes, the study on nature. We asked the students to bring a natural object and then asked them to do a careful study of it in pen and Indian ink, using a barbecue skewer instead of a drawing pen.

Week 3
In the final week we asked the children to experiment with another way of painting, using watered down acrylic paint on top of photo copies of the ink drawings to see the effect of a coloured transparent wash.

Ransbora National School & Culfadda National School

Artists Catherine Fanning & Linda Hayden

The inspiration for the classroom workshops came directly from viewing the exhibition ‘What Do You See’ a selection of abstract art works from the Sligo Art Gallery permanent collection.

Our workshops focused on:

  • What is abstract art?
  • How can an object or subject matter become an abstract image?
  • When a work is abstract, dose it allow us to imagine more?

During our workshops we looked at the shapes of fruit and vegetables, through the mediums of drawing, collage and mono printing we created art works that explored the stages of abstraction, composition and story.