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Primary Colours Workshop Pack 2010

The ‘Primary Colours’ Workshop Pack is an innovative and structured auxiliary tool for Visual Arts Education in National Schools. It is based around the exhibition ‘What Do You See’ selected from the Sligo Art Gallery permanent collection. 

The 2010/11 Primary Colours Workshop Pack was designed by Artist Karen Webster.

The pack contains the following

  • Step by step lesson plans for each workshop.
  • Lists of materials needed and tips for easy preparation of materials.


‘What Do You See?’

The workshop pack is designed to support teachers in delivering a creative arts programme with their class, based around the Sligo Arts Gallery Collection.

The theme of the workshops is ‘What Do You See?’ and uses a selection of abstract paintings from this collection to engage children in the making and thinking about contemporary visual art.

We hope it will be enjoyable and stimulating for both the teachers to deliver and for the children to participate in, while developing their visual art skills and their appreciation of art.

It is linked to the strands of the Visual Arts Curricullum and meets its themes in many ways including ….
Fostering sensitivity towards, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts.
Helping children to develop sensitivity to the visual, spacital and tactile world and to provide for aesthetic experience.

Helping children express ideas, feelings and experiences in visual and tactile forms.

It will also practically help the teachers explore some of the areas such as drawing, fabric & fibre and paint & colour whilst developing the children’s ability to talk about art.

The media chosen for these workshops aims to allow for each of the children to experiment and express their individual creativity. Each workshop builds on what the children discovered in the one before.